Vexus II
Vital statistics
Real Name Princess Vexus Noreen II Wakeman
Aliases V
Gender female
Species gynoid
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes sweets, her loving family, being a princess
Dislikes Being compared to her Maternal Grandmother, her Brother getting into trouble, people who insult her family
Place of Origin The Royal Place, Cluster Prime
Residence The Royal Place, Cluster Prime
Relatives Queen Jenny XJ9 Wakeman(Father)

Queen Vega(Mother),

Prince Jens XJ9.5 Wakeman(Brother),

The Illusive Mistery(Godmother)

Noreen 'Nora' Wakeman(Paternal Grandmother)

former Queen Vexus I(Maternal Grandmother, deceased)

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Affiliations Cluster Prime
Powers & Abilities
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Vexus II has dark pink hair and white skin





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