Vampire Abraham Lincoln
Vital statistics
Real Name Abraham Lincoln
Aliases Abe Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, VAL, Abey
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Status Undead
Alignment Good
Likes Abolitionism, crazy women, The Union
Dislikes Slavery, Confederate Rebels, his father, George B. McClellan
Place of Origin Hodgenville, Kentucky
Residence Washington D.C.
Relatives Thomas Lincoln (Father, deceased) Nancy Hanks Lincoln (Mother, deceased) Sarah Bush Lincoln (Stepmother, deceased) Sarah Lincoln Grigsby (Older Sister, deceased) Mary Todd Lincoln (Wife, deceased), Robert Todd Lincoln (First-born Son, deceased), Edward Baker Lincoln (Second-born Son, Deceased) William Wallace Lincoln (Third-Born Son, Deceased), Tad Lincoln (Fourth-born son, deceased) The Ghost of Joan of Arc(Girlfriend)
Allies Henry Sturges, Joshua Speed, Ulysses S. Grant, The Ghost of Joan of Arc, Alfred F. Jones, The Vampirate Captain
Enemies The Confederate States of America, John Wilkes Booth, Nazi Zombies
Affiliations The United States of America
Powers & Abilities
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Weaknesses Sunlight, Crosses
Equipment Axe, Stakes, superhuman strength
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