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Titans Australia is the series following the crime fighting adventures of the teenaged superhero team known as Titans Australia.

Main CharactersEdit


Arrowette (Suzanne King-Jones)Edit

The leader of Titans Australia, Arrowette is a strong, and capable fighter. She is the most courageous, and bravest of the five and strikes fear into the hearts of the most evil villains. For Cissy, as she is known by her friends, crime-fighting comes first always, even if this means letting a friend down. As the series progresses, she becomes less obsessive with her enemies, and starts to relate with her fellow team mates more.

Vox (Jason Tophuro)Edit

The secondary leader of Titans Australia and the primary love interest of Arrowette, Vox knows how to handle a risky situation. Vox was not even a teen when his father, Carlson Skaro brutally murdered his mother. Vox was forced on the run as his father's henchmen constantly followed him. Because of his violent and traumatic childhood, Vox delevoped multiple personalities. One of these personalities would emerge and transform Vox into a demonic form of himself. Because of this constant danger of his other personality, he had to control his emotions and became very bleak. Once he is gifted with his angelic form, the powers balance out and he learns to express himself more, especially towards Arrowette.

Aero (Chris Gallagn)Edit

Born in New Zealand, Aero was raised by his loving parents, and began a life of crime-fighting after he discovered his powers in a high jump contest. While crime-fighting he gained theattention of a fellow hero, Argent, and the two became close. Aero can be found in Titans Australia Tower cracking jokes or cheering up his team mates.

Risk (Cody Driscoll)Edit

With powers such as superhuman strength and hyper reflexes, Risk is an opponent you do not want to meet. Risk found a best friend in Aero and the two make Vox annoyed quite easily with their lay back attitudes, although Risk is the more sensible of the two.

Impulse (Iris West)Edit

Born to the famous Wally West (The Flash), Impulse grew up with parents supportive of her powers. She became an Honarary Titan after meeting with Aqualad and Robin in a meeting with her father. She also develops a blatantly obvious crush on Aero, which slowly transforms into love. Impulse also makes a rivalry with Argent, who also has romantic feelings for Aero. She is the most social character in the group, having a close relationship with Aero, Risk and Argent, often meditating with Vox and having 'girl time' with Arrowette.

Argent (Antonia Louise "Toni" Monetti)Edit

Argent was born in Britain, before moving with her loving parents to New Zealand, where she met Aero. The two became close, and both had a crush on the other. When Titans Australia was formed, she declined the offer to join and went back to New Zealand. She soon realised it was unbearable being away from Aero, and she soon travelled back ton Australia and joined Titans Australia. She became rivals with Impulse, and the two often fought for Aero's attention. She soon realised that she had no place in Aero's heart, and quit the Titans. She visits regularly and makes many appearences in the series.


President Charlie LuxmanEdit

Owner of Star Tech Industries, Charlie is seen as a samaritan, TV personality and creator of children's toys. But behind the flower, lies the evil master mind behind the coutless attacks on Sydney by the Incendous Drones. He is hidden from the Titans by his connections within the Government, and his many awards for charitable donations.

The Blue SpiritEdit

The mysterious Blue Spirit roams the city streets among the shadows, stealing for his own personal gain. The only thing he loves more than winning is himself. To this day, the Titans have only ever defeated the Blue Spirit once, and this was a part of his plan to wipe out the Superhuman race. He later gains Magick abilities which makes him harder to defeat than ever.

Series SynopsisEdit

Season 1Edit

The main story arc of Season 1 is the formation of Echo Team and later Titans Australia and their struggle to work together as a team to protect the streets of Sydney City from various villains such as the Incendous Drones, Bomb-Voyage and Star Tech Industries and it's leader, President Luxman. The climax between T.A. and Star Tech Industries is shown in the season final 'Titans Together!'



101 Echo Team: Part 1 5 Honarary Titans arrive in Australia to fight the forces of evil. Arrowette, the archer prodegy, Vox, the beast within, Aero, the gravity defying boy wonder, Risk, the super strong superhuman, and Impulse, the fastest girl to ever live. But before they can save the world, they have to learn to get along.
102 Echo Team: Part 2 Differences put aside, the newly formed Echo Team have been given orders to infiltrate a robot factory. Now that they have learned to get along, they have to learn to work together.
103 Bank Robbers, Theifs and Villains, Oh My! Titans Australia has been established, and their missions are rolling in by the minute. But do superheroes ever get a break?
104 March of the Drones The old Incendous Drones return to fight the Titans, but who is behind the attacks, giving the orders?
105 Not Fast too Furious A new enemie by the name of Alonzo Dulak is wreaking havoc with the incredibly fast Dulak Cycle in the city streets, and Risk is having trouble keeping up in the chases, so to help him along he builds the Riskmobile! But Arrowette isn't too happy about having a potentially dangerous vehicle on the streets.
106 Obsession Arrowette becomes obbsessed with finding the mysterious man behind the return of the Incendous Drones. She spends sleepless nights pouring through government files for a suspect. When she stumbles across information that leads her to believe the toy manufacturing company Star Tech Industries is behind the drones, she gets herself into trouble with the law.
107 Bed Ridden With Arrowette in bed sick, the Titans have to elect a secondary leader of the Titans Australia. Impulse, Aero and Risk fight over the title while trying to bribe Arrowette to pick them with all sorts of things to make her better.
108 The Boy Who Cried Star Tech Arrowette is back on her feet and continues the investigation under Risk's watchfull eye, who too discovers that Star Tech Industries is behind the drones. The Titans meet with the local police force to present their information, but they are laughed out of the meeting. The Titans are on their own.
109 Brush with the Law Ignoring the Commisioner's orders, the Titans continue their investigation into Star Tech Industries and the drones pouring into the city streets daily. They decide to strike Star Tech Industries Factory, but what is waiting for them inside?
110 Twinkle, Twinkle The Titans are seperated from each other and they have to find their own way of taking down President Luxman and his drone army.
111 Titans Together! The Titans are reunited and have a plan to stop President Luxman from brainwashing the Prime Minister, but there is a traitor among them.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 follows the story arc of the mysterious Blue Spirit who easily defeats the Titans without laying a hand on them, and establishes the relationship between Aero and Impulse. The season story arc, 'The End of Heroes' will continue into the next season.

No. Title Overview
201 Where Art Though Aero?

For Aero, the return of an old friend also brings the return of an old enemie. Argent is back in town to see Aero and Impulse is jealous of their closeness. Is there a love triangle on the horizon?

202 Untouchable The Titans are pursuing a mysterious villain that they can't even get close to. The same bandit strikes multiple times throughout the week but the Titans can't even lay a finger on him. Who is this mysterious theif?
203 Multiple Personality Crisis A mentally unstable patient has escaped from the local hospital, and Vox not only wants to find her, but he wants to help her.
204 Daymares Titans Australia Tower has been infiltrated by the Sandman, who poures through all of the memories of the Titans. The Titans only have a small amount of time until they are trapped in their dreams forever.
205 Friend and Foe The mysterious theif is back on the scene, and the Titans are hot on his trail. During the pursuit, Aero, Vox, Risk and Impulse are captured due to Arrowette's recklessness.
206 The Hunt Arrowette and Vox's minds are fixed on the unknown identity of the Blue Spirit. Meanwhile, Argent is back in Sydney and wants to join Titans Australia. Arrowette investigates the various technologies the Blue Spirit has stolen and discover's the Blue Spirit's master plan.
207 Pranks-alot The Titans are getting sick of Aero's endless pranks and awful jokes. Meanwhile, Babadi and Bibidi are back on the streets, but this time they have a reality bending friend.
208 The End of Heroes Part 1: The Trap The Titans set up a trap for the Blue Spirit, not to defeat him but to place a tracking device on him to find his base of operations. Unknowingly, the Titans walk into a trap of the Blue Spirit's doing.
209 The End of Heroes Part 2: The Heroes Trial Arrowette and Risk awaken to find themselves surrounded by humanoid, tree like monsters, Vox is subject to mental torture, and Aero has to make a choice between Argent and Impulse's lives.
210 The End of Heroes Part 3: The Sanity of Insanity The Titans are presumed dead, which gives them time to calculate a strategy for taking down the Blue Spirit, Doctor X and saving the entire Superhuman race
211 The End of Heroes Part 4: The Counter Attack Counter Attack. The plan is formulated, the Titans are in place, now all that remains is the signal to begin the final attack. Little do the Titans suspect there is a traitor among them.
212 The End of Heroes Part 5: Genecide Arrowette is finally placed face to face with the mysterious Doctor X, and the other Titans have to find a way to destroy the Genetic Eon Cannon and revert Argent from her current mental state. But is there enough time for the six heroes to save the world?

Season 3Edit

Season 3 promises to be the most exciting season yet! The Genetic Eon Cannon has been fired on a global scale, and Titans all around the world have been affected by the weapon's effect. Global communication systems are down and now the only hope for the world is a little girl who believes she can fly.

I will write episode summary's after I have finished writing the episodes for Season 1 and 2.

There will be a Season 4, 5 and possibly 6.