2008-2012: The United States of America goes through hard times as unemployment goes up while the economy goes down. But the worst part the Far-Left Progressive groups help the government to drive America into the ground while distorting America’s history and demonizing the nation and its founding fathers as racist bigots.

November 16th, 2011: The ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ and the ‘Protect IP Act’ bills are introduced which are seen as a threat to the free internet. The fight for internet freedom raged for five years.

November 6th, 2012: Barack Obama wins second term and he, along with corrupt politicians and Far-Left groups continued to degrade America while giving sympathy to Radical Islamic Extremists and Illegal Immigrants who continue to pour into America from Mexico.

June 10th, 2013: Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed classified information to the media on the US’ NSA surveillances programs on American citizens as well as countries of close allies of the US and fled to Hong Kong and then Russia. Tensions between the US and some of its close allies after they revealed the US had spied on countries as well as thirty-five world leaders for ‘spying on their allies’.

February, 2014: The Ebola virus begins in West Africa and due to extreme ignorance of the NSA, CDC and the Obama Administration allows the Ebola virus to enter into the United States.

February 26th: The crisis between the Russian Federation and the Ukraine grows hot when President Obama decides to support the Ukraine with weapons, causing tensions between the United States and Russia.

June 5th: A terrorist organization called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have risen and laid serious attacks in the Middle East. However the Obama Administration refuses to come up with a strategy against Islamic extremists as they secretly funded the organization in the first place.

July 8th – August 26th: Tensions between Israel and Hamas grows after the kidnapping and murdering of three Israeli teenagers in June and launches an operation on the Palestinian Gaza strip in missile strikes.

July 17th: After a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire, Israel confirms the beginning of a ground offensive in Gaza. Far-Left groups in America and Europe expresses their Anti-Semitism over the conflict and favors Palestine over Israel while ISIS continues capturing and beheading its hostages.

August 9th: 18-year old thug Michael Brown attacked and was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri which leads to Hate Crime and Vandalism in the City and across the nation. The Far-Left uses this incident to fuel its agenda to brand America as a ‘Racist Nation’ with the help of Al Sharpton, Eric Holden, Jesse Jackson and President Barack Obama.

December 17th: U.S. President Barack Obama announces the resumption of normal relations between the US and Cuba despite protests from America.

January 7th, 2015: Two Islamic brothers stormed and killed 11 people in the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly newspaper building over its depiction of Muhammad.

February 16th: Egyptian military forces begin conducting air strikes against ISIS (now Islamic State of the Levant) and Jordan followed after the burning of the Jordian pilot alive while the Obama Administration refuses to do anything on the ISIL situation and more interest of spying on American Citizens who oppose his regime.

March 5th – 8th: The ancient city sites of Nimrud, Hatra, and Dur-Sharrukin in Iraq are demolished by ISIL.

April 2nd: The Nuclear Deal in Iran is reached and Obama praises its success but in reality it paves a way for Iran to create more nuclear weapons.

May - December: The Far-Left gains more power as they continue to demonize America as racists while distorting its history as well as continuing to degrade America’s culture to appease Radical Muslims and Illegal Mexicans. Israel is demonized as an evil nation by the Far-Left.

January - April 2016: Many members of the Black Lives Matter group staged roadblocks in order to prevent people from going to any of the Donald Trump rallies and the public responds by running them over.

May: Voting polls for Bernie Sanders plummets while Donald Trump is way ahead.

Hillary Clinton is right behind him.

November 8th: An unknown assassin killed Donald Trump and Michael Pence during the election voting, in the result, Hillary Clinton wins by default.

Second American Civil War

November 9th: While the Far-Left celebrates their victory, outrage explodes in the American people in the results of Clinton’s victory.

January 20th, 2017: Hillary Clinton assumes role in office and continues Obama’s policies including expanding Obamacare and changing America’s culture to appease the illegal foreigners, thus renaming it the “People’s Hegemony of America”.

January 22nd: Texas secedes from the corrupted nation, the states of Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia and several states followed, called themselves the “Free States of America”. The PHA has enforced martial law in the remaining states under her rule. However it didn’t stopped many Americans from staging guerilla warfare.

February: Many servicemen who fought in the US armed forces defected to the FSA army, leaving a huge gap in the PHA army. But it didn’t take long to solve the problem, many people from Far-Left groups, the BLM/Black Panther terrorist group, Illegal Mexicans, Muslim Refugees and Native Americans quickly filled in the gaps as they see Hillary as their savior and are willing to die for her.

March 15th: The Second American Civil War begins between the Free States of America and the People’s Hegemony of America.

Several nations support the two feuding nations, Canada, Mexico, China, Iran and the UN peacekeepers aided the PHA while Britain, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa and Russia aids the Free States of America.

However what has started as the Second Civil War will mutate into World War III.

World War III

May 20th, 2017: The Second American Civil War stalls into a stalemate for two months. The PHA begins to push back against the FSA. Most of the PHA army, mainly members of BLM, Muslim refugees and Illegals guarded several cities that underwent insurgents while the UN peacekeepers and the People's Liberation Army did most of the fighting.

However the second civil war is also affecting the entire world. The war in the Middle East turns for the worse; Iran manages to strike a deal with the leaders of ISIS and absorbs them in the process as well as nations north of them, creating the United Islamic Republic as well as beginning World War III after invading Kazakstan . Israel supports the FSA but is unable to send troops there as the UIR begins invading countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Georgia and must defend their own borders.

The European Union and Russia tightens their security borders in the wake of the war.

Japan remains neutral of the conflict, but prepared for war.

India also gets ready for war against the UIR as they mass on the borders of India and Pakistan.

Several soldiers stationed in South Korea are confined in their bunkers. North Korea sees an opportunity and launches an invasion on South Korea. The Chinese sends most of its armed forces to aid North Korea,

May 29th: Mexico and Cuba begins pushing through the FSA from Florida and Texas. June 2nd: The FSA manages to halt the PHA’s advances.

June 4th: The UIR continues their advances through Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

June 12th: Turkey falls under UIR control.

June 13th: The UIR captures several of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields.

June 15th: The UIR launches an invasion against India and manages to gain a large some of the country, but Indian forces managed to slow them down.

However during these dark times, several American heroes rose up in the FSA to fight against Hillary’s Regime and restore America to its former glory, one of them is Jack Thomas Preston, a unique individual who has possessed the technology from advanced weapons and armor to attack vehicles that’ll help turn the tide.

Turning the Tides

June 30th: The Free States of America begins pushing back the People’s Hegemony of America. During the pushbacks, Jack forms his own army called the 76th Legion aka “Patriot’s Army”. It became the most popular army in the south.

July 1st: The FSA retakes northern parts of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kentucky and Virginia after Jack Preston unleashes his troops fitted with modified weapons, advanced armors and tanks and gunships thirty to forty years ahead of its time. July 3rd: The FSA army also pushes the Mexican/Cuban army out of southern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. July 4th: The FSA begins to push through Missouri, Kansas, West Virginia and California, eliminating the PHA military leaders and liberating the states and American people in the progress.

July 12th: The FSA begins to push through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. The FSA’s advanced armies crushed the PHA’s army, The PLA and UN Peacekeepers no matter how hard they fought back. Jack Preston was praised as one of America’s heroes due to his genius and military leadership. However he is known for his ruthless aggression which earned him the nickname “Jackhammer”.

He even personally leads one of the charges, during the Battle of Kansas City; he loses the use of his left eye. Despite this injury, he continues to lead his battles all the way through Michigan. July 13th: Stanley James Thompson leads the charges in the conquest of California. He is known as “Psycho Stan” due to his suicidal runs and attacks who he personal lead.

In the PHA, American insurgents committed guerilla attacks against the Hillary Regime, leading to various uprisings in cities of Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Despite the suppression of the PHA, they kept on the fight against the corruption. During the Second Civil War, the allies begins to turn the tide against the enemy after Jack Preston send shipments of his weapon technology, including the robot soldiers who look just like the armored soldiers.

July 14th: Israel, Russia and the European Union begin to push back against the United Islamic Republic in Turkey. The nation is liberated on the 19th.

July 20th: India begins to push back the UIR all the way into Pakistan. July 21st: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana are liberated by the FSA.

July 23rd: Japan decided to deal with the Korean Crisis after North Korea promises to use its nuclear missiles on the capitals of Japan, they even betrayed China by catching them in their crossfires. This shocked the Chinese leaders as China and North Korea were allies for so long.

July 25th: The Japanese Defense Force landed in South Korea and aids the US Armed Forces into pushing the Korean People’s Army back. The Chinese fights Japan, South and North Korea. Meanwhile the citizens of China have become increasing tired of the war and holds luke-warm protests in the streets of Beijing and Hong Kong. The FSA continues to push through Montana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South and North Dakota.

The FSA continues to push through Montana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South and North Dakota.

July 29th: South Korea is liberated and Japan begins to deal with North Korea through the borders. The Chinese politburo open fired on the protestors. It only lead to violent uprisings and the government calls some of their PLA units back to silence the uprisings.

August 2nd: Russia aids Kazakstan in pushing back the UIR.

August 4th: Psycho Stan leads the conquest through the state of Washington.

August 5th: The UIR is pushed out of Kazakstan.

August 11th: The states of Montana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South and North Dakota are liberated.

August 16th: The state of Washington is liberated and the FSA begins to push eastward.

August 19th: The Battle of Washington DC begins between the FSA and PHA armies with Jack Preston leading the battle.

August 20th: The PLA advances through North Korea, despite heavy losses.

August 24th: The FSA wins the Battle of Washington DC and liberates the nation’s capital. Hillary Clinton was captured trying to escape. She was quickly put on trial and found guilty against the US Constitution and the American people and executed. August 25th: The remaining PHA armies continue to fight against the FSA to honor her.

Nuclear Endgame

August 26th: The Free States of America pushed through Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont.

August 27th: Israel, Russia and the European Union pushes through Iraq, cutting the UIR in two.

August 28th: The Allies begins liberating Saudi Arabia.

September 1st: The states of Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont are liberated and the FSA begins to focus on the last of the PHA forces in the states of New Hampshire and Maine.

September 3rd: Japan and South Korea crushes North Korea and captured Kim Jong Un.

September 5th: The nations of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are liberated.

September 7th: The People’s Republic of China begins to implode as violent uprisings continued through the nation. The PLA, weaken by the war is unable to suppress them.

September 9th: The FSA crushes the PHA after the two remaining states are liberated . September 11th: The Allies armies mass on the borders of Iran.

9:30 am: To prove to the world they’re still a power to be reckoned with, Iran begins to launch their payload of nuclear missiles at the Allies. Several nuclear missiles wiped out most of the allied forces in liberated Iraq, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kazakstan, and on the nations of Yemen and Free Saudi Arabia. 9:38: The nuclear missiles destroy Russian cities of Saratov, Kazan and Saint Petersburg.

9:44: Few European cities, including Prague and Madrid are annihilated by nuclear missiles; it also includes the nations of the Balkans. 9:59: Jack Preston orders his new anti-missile defense system/nuclear weapon systems with a magnetic railgun designed to launch untraced nuclear warheads at high velocity anywhere in the world, without the propellant trail or launch flare that gives away the launch position of a traditional ballistic missile. He calls them the “Glory’s Light” projects.

10:00: Glory’s Light fires its lasers at the incoming missiles, but only takes out 95% of them as the US cities of Tallahassee, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Washington DC and New York City were obliterated by the nukes, however thanks to Jack Preston’s ground defense system, he managed to take out the rest of the warheads before they reached the US.

10:05: Glory’s Light launches three warheads at the capitals of Ottawa, Havana and Mexico City, wiping them out and the ICBM silos fires few nuclear missiles and detonates them in the ionosphere over Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Destroying their communications and computer systems, affecting most of their transportations, crippled their electrical grids and knocking them out of the war.

10:10: Glory’s Light launches several more warheads on the UIR, the results were devastating. Cities, towns and military bases were wiped out; the warheads destroyed the capitol of Tehran as well as leveling the entire city and destroying underground bunkers. The radiation fallout also had an impact in the former UIR, contaminating the untouched towns and cities as well as making them completely hostile of all life. Fortunally, the fallout cloud never traveled no further than borders of Iraq and near India.

10:12: Glory’s Light launched one warhead on Beijing, wiping out the communist capitol from the earth, the People’s Republic of China collapses into civil war between Pro-Communists and Pro-Allied Nationalists.

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan were spared from the nuclear fire.


10:30: World War III ends in allied victory, but the damage was done and the death toll was high. However the world can now wake up and live in peace. The Free States of America is transformed into the United States of America. Unfortunally, many military leaders of the FSA were killed in the nuclear blast in Washington DC, except for Jack Preston who survived as well as people such as Stan Thompson. September 13th: Jack Preston assumes role as President of the new United States of America and promises a restored nation in a better world that will last for all time just as the founding fathers saw fit. It would’ve been a better nation if the right person was elected.

But his ruthless aggression during the Second Civil War and WWIII lived up to him. And little did everyone know that he himself killed the FSA military leaders and left DC before its destruction. Though he did admitted he approved their ideals of restoring the nation, but they lacked the willpower to enforce it. He believed that the people who were responsible for causing the distorting and degrading of America must be severely punished for their crimes and letting them go is the last thing he’ll do as he believes they’ll do it again 20 to 30 years from now.

Jack’s apocalyptic charge has ended for now; death itself rode at his side as he gathered the dead from the wake of his victories despite the heavy tolls. He could’ve spared the armies of the UN peacekeepers and the PHA army which proved he could not be idly dismissed. Instead he chose to show no mercy and rained fire on his enemies in a dying nation as well as raining nuclear fire on foreign enemies in the Middle East. They lay in ruins from the wake of his tidal wave of war.

Though Jack Preston is celebrated by many American patriots as well as from the south, his name is a curse for the Far-Left who survived the war. Spit from sneering mouths and hissed from curling lips. His armed forces rolled across the land in the name of American patriotism, driving fear and hatred before them. From the ashes from both the wars as well as the men who helped fanned the fires caused by the Obama and Hillary administrations, have turned America into a new fascist state where it will never be taken lightly.

Darkest Days

September 2017 – March 2023: The world begins to change in the aftermath of the third world war that left destruction than the first world wars put together.

The destruction of Saudi Arabia have left the world in turmoil, the nuclear destruction from the UIR not only killed millions of people but affected the oil fields, crippling the supply.

The United Nations have disbanded due to their role in the Second American Civil War on side of Hillary Clinton and its military leaders are discharged and sentenced to death. The Coalition of Ordered Nations is formed.

The United States of America, under the iron fist of Jack T. Preston, have grown strong since the Second Civil War that sparked off World War III. Thanks to Jack’s know-how ranging from building the Keystone Pipeline and creating Green Bio-Fuels that eliminated their dependence on oil and nuclear energy to creating jobs and technology, he managed to restore America’s economy, eliminated unemployment and returns prosperity to the country. He eliminated the two-party system and created a one-party system, the Patriot party. He also eliminated the so-called “Wall separating the Church and State”. Cities such as New York City, Washington DC, Chicago and Detroit are under reconstruction which will last ‘til mid-June. The US armed forces have continued to grow by the week, regaining its strength and willpower to protect and defend America as well as construction from advanced fighter planes and gunships to battleships and supercarriers.

He created the “United States Rangers” from the 76th Legion unit. Its members are a mix, Several of them are veterans of the Second Civil War, one side are made up of robot soldiers while the other side are members from white supremacy groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi skinheads who are looking opportunities of getting revenge on the ‘minorities’ in America as well as aiding US armed forces in former Canada, Mexico and Cuba. However this also means ethics groups who are American conservatives could be targeted. However Jack managed to clear the islands of Newfoundland and Vancouver and have secretly sent them to the two islands no matter if they’re Black, Indian (Native and Foreign), Mexican, and Jewish who are Pro-Israel and sometimes from the LGBT community and have cytogenetic tubes created to have them cytogenetic frozen until the time is right to unfreeze them. Their existence remains a secret so that no one, not even the United States Rangers are aware of them. The surviving Muslim refugees were captured and executed for their crimes, therefore eliminating the Muslims in America.

Canada, Mexico and Cuba collapsed from the destruction of their capitols and the EMP blasts caused by the nuclear warheads. America absorbed the nations without opposition and installed puppet-governments in the new capitols of Toronto, Guadalajara and Santiago de Cuba. While nations such as Cuba went without a fight, Canada and Mexico begin to form underground insurgents against the American occupiers while many either embraced their presence or humbly accepted defeat. The educations in the former countries underwent massive changes with the teachings of American history becoming mandatory, English is also required. All political parties were outlawed in the nations and a large number of people who protested against America, such as teachers, historians, politicians, etc., were sent to special camps for "reeducation". The children of Far-Left Progressive Americans, Canadians and other North American countries are treated differently. They’re separated from their parents and are sent to Child Protective Service areas to be re-educated so that they won’t follow the footsteps of their progressive parents. History is the main subject in the CPS areas as well as American History and Pledging Allegiance to the American Flag. However several children and teenagers refuse to stand up for the American flag and are punished by spanking with the use of paddles with holes in them to ensure strict discipline.

Jack Preston ordered several cities that practice Anti-American ideals to have 50-foot (15 m) containment walls built around them and several feet to go underground all the way to bedrock. He said that they’ll be built for those who continue to practice liberal values could live in these communities away from the world. Many of them believed them and begin to move them. Not realizing that they were converted to prison-cities/towns for them with the United States Police Force and USR encamped near the walls to ensure escape is impossible. Cities and towns such as Farmington ME, Traverse City MI, Ferguson MO, Berkeley and Oakland CA are walled off from the rest of the United States; this also includes few cities/towns in former Canada and Mexico who are involved in Anti-American activities, including the ruins of the former capitols which is still recovering from the nuclear fallout. American Indians who were involved in the People’s Hegemony of America were also sentenced to confine within the same walls, even forced to witness the destruction of the Crazy Horse Memorial as punishment.

Many are hunted down by the United States Rangers in swift Chinese-style military crackdowns to patrolling the streets 24/7. The news media streams became state property and news such as tabloids were removed from American society. Many conservatives are having doubts on Preston’s policies but kept quiet about it in order to avoid the risk of being targeted by the USR.

Many of them managed to flee America; several managed to survive in lost tribes and learned to live with the cannibals while most of them got eaten themselves. Many of them managed to flee into the cold wilderness of Northern Canada and Antarctica, most of them died during the trek while many of them died in the first winter. Only 2% of them managed to survive. Others risked the deadly radiation in the former UIR and died from radiation poisoning. The ones who managed to evade the USR formed communities and kept in contact with the others and begin to devise the plan to overthrow Preston.

Europe went through the times of economic crisis and anarchy; Britain, Ireland, France and Germany are the only countries with stable governments and united several nations under one banner, thus creating the United Federation of Europe. Nations such as Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sweden and Finland joined the UFE. Nations of Switzerland, the Balkan nations, even the Ukraine joined the UFE.

Its armed forces were made up from various groups who opposed Muslim refugees’ years before WWIII, including Germany’s Neo-Nazi groups. However they are maintained and disciplined in order to make sure they don’t abuse their authority.

The Vatican City also went through changes after the Pope was ousted for his support of ‘Islam’ and replaced with John IX.

Russia managed to quickly recovered from the aftermath of Iran’s nuclear fire, Vladimir Putin have been an ally to the FSA and seeks to restore the relations between Russia and the new United States after commenting the progress made by Jack Preston. Although he had doubts on his policies against the Far-Left after the wars but he retains the relations, convinced that the ‘Storm will blow over and return back to normal’.

Israel survived the war as the UIR was destroyed before they can deliver their remaining missiles on the holy nation. They also absorbed the nations of Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Syria and Turkey, restoring Christianity and Hebraism in the nations. Unfortunally Israel is unable to restore Iraq as the nation is still affected by the nuclear fallout. Israel maintained a strong relations with America as Jack Preston supplied them with advanced weapons and vehicles and Jack officially recognized Jerusalem as an official capital of Israel.

India managed to survive and maintained its thriving economy and military. However they’ve in the middle of research of eliminating the nuclear fallout near their borders on former Pakistan along with other nations in the process.

The Chinese Civil War ends when Jack sends its troops to aid the Nationalists and crushing the communists. The United Republic of China is formed which united Taiwan. However Tibet was allowed to secede from the nation and formed the Republic of Tibet. The New Chinese government sees America as a nation on the road to recovery and congratulated Jack Preston and said he looked forward to working together to promote ties in a "constructive" way to avoid conflict and confrontation. Preston also agrees to help China with its famine and environmental problems, hoping they’ll be able to make China clean and pure for the future, which takes effect in early 2018 and will continue until mid-2022. Even Preston stated that the restored relations between America and China are a “Beginning of a New Era”. China agrees to help South Korea absorb former North Korea to create a unified Korea. Japan managed to keep the relation between them and America, but became terrified from the country’s aggression and agreed not to make plans against America unless suffer from their wraith.

Australia and New Zealand maintained their governments and economies from the war. Things are getting back to normal, but things go through dark times.

The continent of Africa is a hotbed, many Muslims who were in the right place in the right time survived the destruction of the UIR and aided Libyan rebels to overthrow the government. They managed to overthrow governments of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and the Sudans, renaming themselves the New Islamic Federation. Even the nations were renamed to honor the fallen Islamic nations such as New Iran, New Iraq, New Pakistan, New Afghanistan and New Palestine. The United States of America supports Liberia and South Africa in the crisis and managed to united many nations under the two countries. South Africa is renamed the United States of South Africa and Liberia is renamed the United Republic of Liberia. Nations of Uganda and Kenya formed the East African Union and sides with the NIF, completely surrounding Egypt.

Egypt is terrified of the NIF but gains full protection from the CON and America. Nations of South America managed to use the oil crisis as an opportunity and united the nations under one banner, forming the South American Federation with Venezuela financing it while Brazil supplies. The military has grown to almost match America’s. They began to lead a series of crackdowns on American-born citizens and executed them for “Being American”. Jack Preston responded the executions as an “Act of Aggression and will not stand for it.” And increased its security near the Panama border.

The nations of ASEAN united in the aftermath of the oil crisis and formed the Indochinese Union, a technologic advanced that’ll almost match America’s.

Many of these people who were involved in the PHA continued to live in hiding and suffered in fear of the USR. But the others who are in the prisons are in no better condition.

The people who are confined in the prison-cities lived in poor condition that dwelled in alleys, slums and abandoned buildings and streets. Several of them die from starvation to hypothermia and the foods they’ve given where either expired foods to dog food; sometimes they go from feeding them little to none at all.

Several of them have been cut down from being shot by the guards and advanced security systems when trying to scale the walls.

September 4th, 2027: Ten years after the Second American Civil War and World War III. Many of the former PHA soldiers and Far-Left groups, who managed to stay alive after so long, have begun to launch their plan to overthrow Preston. September 5th: The Progressive insurgents managed to smuggle weapons into the capitols of Washington DC, Toronto and Guadalajara as well as explosives.

September 7th: The PIs then mounts an air and ground assaults in the three capitols.

But they inflict heavy damage on Washington DC. They’ve destroyed several monuments such as the Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the DC War and World War II memorials and the Washington National Cathedral.

During the attacks, they’ve broadcasted the attacks saying they’re “Acts of Liberation against the nation of Genocide, Imperialism and Tyranny” and proceeded to the White House and the Capitol Building to capture and execute the leaders.

However Jack Preston and the USR has foreseen them and prepared the traps for them.

The PI soldiers raided the White House and stormed into the Oval Office but realized it was empty. Then the metal doors closed the windows and the doors closed themselves, trapping them inside and Reaper 20 gas is released inside, killing the soldiers inside by suffocating on them.

Meanwhile, other PI soldiers managed to raid the capitol building and stormed to the House Chambers to find the United States Rangers with guns ready. Among them is President Jack Preston in the experimental battle armor suit. He stated “Congratulations, you’ve made it.” Before they all open fire on them, they begin to push back against the PI soldiers. The USR also appeared from the senate chamber and the Supreme Court chamber and forced them out onto the steps where they’re massacred by the USR’s gunships and tanks. Jack flies out of the building and slaughters thousands of them in his battle suit, the bullets and explosives have no effect on him as the armor protected him.

In the end, nearly all of them were slaughtered, the rest were captured and executed while a few managed to flee alive. The soldiers in the capitols of Toronto and Guadalajara managed to repel the uprisings with similar results.

September 8th – 14th: Jack Preston orders the USR to begin crackdowns on their hiding places and manages to wipe almost all of them out, there were hundreds of thousands of hiding places that served for the Progressive Insurgencies, now they’re only a few.

Despite the eliminating of the PI insurgency, Jack Preston is still not satisfied and decides that in order to set an example to the others in the prison-cities, he selects a number of them to be destroyed and have them broadcasted to the other prison-cities’ monitors and show them the price for destroying America’s historical monuments.

Selected cities such as Ferguson MO, Irvine, Berkeley and Oakland CA, Traverse City MI and Farmington ME were selected for destruction. If the cities are inland, massive waves of gunships and fighter bombers were used, if they’re near the shores, Monitor-class Arsenal ships were in place. The barrages were unmerciful as thousands were slaughtered. The barrages were broadcasted to the other prison-cities and with a message stated “The Price for your Treasonous acts against America”. Reports of the dwellers wept in agony from the sights. Many areas where the American Indians were slaughtered, only one prison-town was spared with the population of 900.

Jack Preston was glad as he made his point, but many members of the USR who are veterans of the Second Civil War were disgusted by his actions. Including one member, Colton Kyle, son of the Navy SEALs sniper Chris Kyle wrote in his diary. “I did not sign up for this; I joined with beliefs to restore America to its former glory like every American. But what I seen President Jack Preston has done is something my dad would never have approved of. His actions only proved he’s a madman, a monster with sick visions of his America under his rule. He is no better than Hitler, Stalin, Obama and Hillary.

Jack Preston’s tyrannical actions will continue to destroy this nation unless we do something about it.”

Colton Kyle and several delusional USR soldiers as well as many soldiers of the US armed forces and conservative Americans devise a plan to remove him from office and expose the murders he committed.

November Coup

True Restoration