15th century

1492: The Christian Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon conquer the Emirate of Granada, ending nearly 800 years of Muslim rule in the south and founding modern Spain as a united state. Christopher Columbus arrives in the Americas, heralding the conquest of much of South and Central America. Jews and later Muslims are expelled from Spain during the Inquisition.

17th-18th centuries

Spanish Empire at its height, with Spain the predominant European power. The rise of Protestant states in northern Europe and the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean begin the country's gradual decline.

1776: American Revolution begins but the Kingdom of Spain and France refuse to get involve in the conflict of the British colonies in North America. Dutch and Portuguese instead become involve in the American Revolution by siding with the American rebels.

1789: French Revolution ends rule of monarchy going back to 9th century; followed by establishment of the First Republic.

1792: United States has won it's independence from Britain, and the countries of the Netherlands and Portugal are the first countries to recognize it new ally nation of the US. On the other hand the Spanish and French refuse to recognize the US as a country. Spanish also begin to grow in fear of that Americans will spread influence across their colonies in Latin America, which would form into more wars of independence against Spain.

1799: Napoleon Bonaparte leads coup to overthrow government; consolidates position with new constitution.

19th Century

The War of the Spanish Succession loses Spain its European possessions outside the Iberian Peninsula. Bourbon dynasty, originally from France, centralizes the Spanish state, shutting down many regional autonomous assemblies and modernizing government and the military.

1804-1814 - Napoleon crowns himself emperor of First French Empire; series of military successes brings most of continental Europe under his control. Napoleon's France occupies Portugal with the help of Spain, which has been a French ally since 1795. Fierce Portuguese nationalist resistance and British intervention in the Peninsular War gradually force French troops out.

1815 - Napoleon defeated in Battle of Waterloo; monarchy reestablished.

1848 - Fall of King Louis-Philippe; Louis-Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, proclaimed president of Second Republic.

1852-1870 - Louis-Napoleon takes title of Napoleon III in Second Empire.

1862-1867 - The French try to invade the young nation of Mexico and try to make it a French colony, it is successful at first but then is later crushed by the Mexican Army and with the help of the American involvement as well. French later eventually get kicked out of Mexico leading the Mexicans, Americans becoming bitter against the French afterwards.

1870-71 - Franco-Prussian War, ending in French defeat, loss of Alsace-Lorraine and end of the Second Empire; Third Republic lasts until 1940.

1877: Republicans win general elections, ending hopes of a monarchist revival.

20th century:

Napoleonic legacy of political division and economic dislocation leaves Spain weak and unstable, with frequent changes of government and a low-level insurgency by Carlist supporters of a rival branch of the royal family. Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico and Chile win their independence, but Ecuador, Venezuela, Santo Domingo, Cuba and Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru are kept as colonies of the Spanish Empire as Simon Bolivar flees and becomes the first president of newly independent Colombia. The Spanish-American War begins in 1898 as Spanish troops sink a American naval vessel in the Bay of Havana in Spanish colony of Cuba. As a result the Americans declare war on Spain but are sadly later defeated in 1899 resulting in Spain keeping her colonies of Latin America, Caribbean, and the Philippines. Spain becomes bitter with United States after wars, resulting in Spanish dreaming of taking back Florida from the US.

1910's: Spain sought compensation in conquering colonies in Africa, most significantly northern Morocco and the Spanish Sahara.

1920's: The trade boom achieved by neutrality in the First World War is squandered through fighting Moroccan rebels and the financial mismanagement of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship at home.

1936-38: Rise of the Popular Front, an alliance of left-wing forces. Spanish Civil War ends with the Republican becoming victorious and the Fascists and Anarchists are executed for their war crimes against the Spanish Empire.


September 1st: World War II - Germany invades Poland. The French and Spanish side with the Nazis. General de Gaulle, undersecretary of war, declares war against Britain, Portugal and Italy. Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Italy all then declare against the Axis Powers the next day beginning World War II with the French, Germans, Japanese, Spanish as the Axis Powers.

December: Spanish forces invade Portugal and then invade and occupy it's capital of Lisbon and also bomb their city of Porto by aircraft bombers. Portuguese government then flees to exile to Britain to escape from Spanish harsh rule. Meanwhile the French invade the Belgian province of Walloon due to having French speakers called the Walloon. The Germans invade and then occupy Denmark, and then the Netherlands and Belgium weeks later with the help of the French Army.


January: French and Germans invade Italy and they managed to defeat the Italian military and the Germans occupy the city of Venice by navy and air and took back Tyrol from the Italians. French invade Piedmont, and Genoa and then invade and occupy the capital of Rome, along with major historical Italian cities such as Pisa, Milan and Florence. Italian government then flees to exile to Turkey. While Spain then takes over Sardinia, and Sicily weeks later. Italians forces are pushed downwards into Naples were the Italians later found the Caesar's Legion where it will fight against the French, Spanish and German forces and try to get back their country of Italy.

February: The Spanish colonies of Venezuela, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, Central America (which in OTL is Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua), Peru, Ecuador, and Isabella (OTL Bolivia) invades the countries of Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama. Central America invades and takes over Costa Rica and Panama, Venezuela and Peru occupy Colombia, Isabella (OTL Bolivia) takes over Paraguay. Peru also helps the colony of Isabella invade Chile and Argentina.

Due to the fact that they were all once colonies to the Spanish Empire and will once again be colonies again. Panama and Costa Rica are crushed within two days, and Colombia falls into Spanish colonists occupation within a single week, while Paraguay is successfully defeated and annexed to the Spanish colony of Isabella. Paraguay's president flees to Brazil, along with the Colombian government to Rio de Janerio. Meanwhile in Europe, the Germans launch and invasion into Norway and northern Yugoslavia. French and Spanish colonies in Africa invade the British and Italian and Portuguese colonies in Africa, and Belgian Congo is almost half taken over by the French, and Nigeria is split in half by the Spanish and French.

March:  Spanish and French troops help the French retake their former land of Haiti back, making Haitian government flee to the United States. Jamaica and the Bahamas are under rule of French military. Spanish and French also make plans of invading the US in two years from now, where Spanish will retake Florida from the Americans, and take back it land in Southwest US, while French will retake Louisiana and other parts of their once former land that "stolen" from the Americans. Meanwhile in the Middle East, the French colonies of Lebanon and Syria take over British mandate of Palestine (now known as Israel and Jordan) and also take over British controlled Iraq and Kuwait and the colony of Cyprus. This leads to Jews and Palestinians to team up and form the rebel organization of United Judah - Palestine where they will they will fight against French rule.

April:  French and Spanish launch an full invasion into Mexico, catching the Mexicans completely off guard. Yucatan is occupied by the French Army, while the Spanish manage to take over Mexico City. Mexican government flees to the US, while the Mexicans manage to stop the Spanish and French from invading northern Mexico. US then reacts by declaring war on France and Spain and joins the Allies, Americans then respond to bring American tanks and airplanes to Mexico to help their Mexican allies. Meanwhile in Asia, Japanese are successful of taking over most populated regions of China. Germany invades the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia within a period of four weeks.

May: India is half occupied by the French, and the British colony of Ceylon is occupied entire by the French as well, making Ceylon renamed "French Ceylon". Burma is entirely under control of the French, as well is Siam (Thailand). The French week later invades the British colony of Malaysia and are successful of their invasion. The French also invades the Dutch controlled part of Borneo of the Dutch East Indies. Later the next they are again successful taking over Sumatra which was also claimed by the Dutch. The Spanish colony of the Philippines invades the Dutch East Indies too, and are able to take over the rest of Indonesia.

June: British colony of Papua New Guinea is taken over by the Spanish military and the Australian troops are unable to stop the Spanish from invading Australia, as a result most of Northern Australia is then invaded and taken over by the Spanish forces and the Northeastern parts of Austria are taken over by the French. French establish the short-lived colony of "Terrae Australius" and Spanish make the new short-lived colony of "Nueva Peru or in English known as New Peru". Portuguese colonies in Eastern Africa and eastern British African colonies and parts of South Africa are taken by the French by naval invasion from the French colony of Madagascar. Back in South America the country of Brazil declares war on Spain and France and then joins the Allies and then tries to help it's allies Argentina, Colombia and Chile and Paraguay from the Spanish.

July: In Canada, the French speaking Canadians and Quebecois are forced to be put in concentration camps in areas of cold northern Canada, and Americans also do the same to Spanish (Not the Hispanics who speak Spanish, only the Spanish of Spain and it's Latin American colonies.) and French people in the US by putting them in concentration camps in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

August:  Britain is crushed by the German, French and Spanish forces and as a result London is successfully occupied by the Axis and Britain is now under Axis rule, only places not under rule is Wales where the Free British Resistance constantly fights against the Spanish, French and German forces. Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the British royal family along with the Portuguese exiled government then flee to Canada in exile. Finland is helped by the Germans and then the Finnish Army invades Soviet Union without knowing that they will be defeated by Russians easily.


January: The British resistance army called the Queen's Men are formed to fight against the Germans and French and Spanish in Axis occupied Britain. They're goal is to get Queen Elizabeth II's home back from the Axis Powers. Meanwhile the Brazilians have launch an invasion into Uruguay where they then annexed Uruguay into Brazil. Brazil plans to help invade and liberate Paraguay from the Spanish colony of Isabella, since Brazil had very happy "brotherly" relations with Paraguay in it's history. After all Brazil is the younger than Paraguay, since Paraguay was the first South American country to declare it's independence from Spain in the 20th century. Brazilian government finishes and publishes it's plan called "Operation Save Brother Paraguay" where the Brazilian forces will invade Spanish occupied Paraguay and save it's big brother Paraguay from the Spanish colony of Isabella. It is due to happen in March.

February: In Europe the Polish Knights are founded and begin to get help from the British and Soviets to fight and get back their country back from Nazi Germany. Italian resistance in Italy finally managed to retake Sicily and Sardinia from Spain along with the French occupied city of Rome. This makes Britain's freedom fighters the Queen's Men recognize Italy's resistance and supports them as well.

In North America the French and Spanish forces from occupied Mexico and the Caribbean launch and navy and ground invasion into the US, where the Spanish troops from Cuba take over most of US states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. French retake Louisiana back from the Americans and make their successfully into Arkansas, and then Missouri and occupy the major city of St Louis. The French then bomb Houston and take parts of coastal Texas and Mexican state of Nueva Leone. The Americans and Mexicans are enraged by this and as a result they then work together to try and stop the evil Spanish and French from achieving their goal.

In Mexico, the Mexican Army and resistance have push forwards and retake their capital of Mexico City from the French and Spanish and manage to push out the Spanish and French forces from most of the area they retaken from them. However Oaxaca and Champas and Yucatan are still in Spanish and French occupation.

In South America the countries of Chile and Argentina finally have pushed out the Spanish and chased them back into Isabella and Peru. Leading to border wars between the Spanish and Chileans and Argentinians. Brazil invades French Guyana and later annex it into their country as a another new Brazilian state. Colombians have successfully retaken their capital of Bogota from the Spanish forces, they hopefully will be successfully in getting rid of the Spanish from Latin America.

March: In North America the French have invaded and occupies some parts of Canadian province of Quebec and also occupied the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by naval invasion, Dominion of Newfoundland is also in French occupation. French are successful of occupying the major Canadian city of Montreal. Only to be met by angry French speaking Canadians, who aren't happy at what the French have been doing all this time. This results in what is known as the "Betrayal of Quebec", where French occupants in Canada are fighting the French speaking Canadians and Quebecois. After the French thought that the people of Quebec would be glad to see them coming back to retake their once stolen land, now to only be greeted by anger, rage and fighting.

United States and Mexico continue to keep fighting against the Spanish and French forces in occupied parts of Mexico and America. American resistance group called the Florida's Boys work along with their Hispanic allies in Florida by fighting against the Spanish forces in Florida. Rebel activity is also noticed commonly in French occupied Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri. New Orleans, Houston and Missouri have now became a bloody battleground between American rebels and French troops.

In South America, Brazilian military then finally just they had planned starts Operation Save Brother Paraguay. As a result the Argentinians join the Brazilians and then invade and liberate Paraguay from Spanish rule. After that Paraguayan military rebuild with the help of the Brazilian and Argentinians forces. Now Paraguay is going to get payback for what the Spanish colony of Isabella (OTL Bolivia) had did to him, and that is going to be Paraguay invading and taking over all of Isabella with the help of Argentina and Brazil. Then afterwards in the plan Paraguay will be allowed to annexed all of Isabella to itself.

July: Chilean Army invades north into Peru's coastline and Brazilian military help out by invading from the Brazilian state of Acre. Meanwhile Colombia has managed to invade Venezuela and Ecuador from the Spanish colonists.


February: The British rebel organization, the Queen's Men have successfully been able to retake all of Britain from the Axis Powers. The Germans, Spanish and French forces are executed and rid of in Britain grounds. Meanwhile Polish Army invades Nazi Germany and occupies Berlin. Adolf Hitler is unable to retreat from the invading Polish forces and as a result he and his loyal generals of the Nazi Party are captured by the Polish Army and then are brought to Warsaw where he will be imprisoned their for six months, then later charged for his war crimes against humanity.

Italians have taken back all of Italy from the Axis, and as a result with the help of Yugoslavia the Italians then invade German controlled Austria.

Norway breaks away from Nazi Germany and it declares itself neutral for the rest of the entire war.

Finland is defeated by the Soviet Union in the Winter Wars, and results in Finland paying the USSR, 3 million dollars for the damage they had done to Russian city of Leningrad and also will be forced to become neutral for the rest of the remaining second world war.

In Asia, the British and Dutch push out the Spanish and French out of Indonesia and Malaysia and they managed to also help liberate Thailand from French rule. Thai people then thank the Dutch and British for saving them from the French and will the British and Dutch in a soon invasion of French Indo-China.

In India the British colonists and the Indians have pushed out the French from India and pushed the out of Burma as well. In Ceylon the British colonists and natives were successfully in getting rid of the French forces in Ceylon.

Meanwhile in China, the Chinese rebels have defeated the Japanese, making them getting chased out of China and then China invades the Japanese controlled island of Formosa which now known as Taiwan. The Chinese Army also invades the Spanish colony of the Philippines, where the native Filipinos are finally joyed to be no longer under harsh Spanish rule. Chinese then prepare for an invasion into Korea where they will help liberate the Koreans from Japanese rule. Chinese government is then invited and allowed to help in the invasion of French Indochina where they will help the Dutch, British and Thai invade it.

In Australia, the Australian Royal Army has pushed out the French and Spanish from Australia for good, most of the French and Spanish troops were killed, executed, or imprisoned for their war crimes against Australia.

June: Paraguay invades and is then successful in taking over all of the Spanish colony of Isabella (OTL Bolivia) and then plans to annex it all to Paraguay by 1943. Paraguay then thanks Brazil and Argentina for helping them defeat the Spanish and for also rescuing his people from the enslavement of Spanish colonists.

In Canada the "Betrayal of Quebec" gets more gruesome and bloodier, in Montreal most of the cities and historic landmarks are destroyed or in serious damage that was made by the French occupants, and the French speaking Canadians and Quebecois are getting killed left and right from the French forces in the city. Many Canadians who are of 16-25 years of age are killed in battle between the French. Montreal is now known to be "hell on earth". The rest of Canada reacts to this by getting involved in it, Canadian Royal Forces then invade the Canadian province of Quebec but are unfortunately pushed back by the French forces.

In Africa, the Italian colony of Libya invades French Northwest Africa and Portuguese and British colonists retake their colonies from the French and then start invading the entire coastline of the French colony of Madagascar. Leaving only the inland of Madagascar still under French control and being surrounded by British and Portuguese forces. Within days Madagascar is taken and made into a British colony. October - The Chinese, Thai, British and Dutch are successful in taking over French Indochina, as a result the British and Dutch and Thai allow China to annex all of French Indochina. As a result the Chinese annex all of French Indochina into the Republic of China.


March: France is now dealing with rebel activity among it's different ethnicity of people, the Bretons declare independence from France, and are backup by British, while the Occiticians of Occiticana, become separate from the rest of France and demand to no longer be a part of France anymore. This in return makes France completely losing itself not just it empire, but it own country as well!

July: In Spain, the Spanish are now facing secession and rebellions of different ethnicity of people as well. Just like in France in the month of March, the country of Spain is now dealing with turmoil of it's own now, as a result the Catalans of the Spanish province of Catalonia declare independence from Spain, and the Catalan rebels are helped by the Occiticians in taking all it's Catalan speaking areas of Spain, including the Barbarella Islands. Basques of the Basque Country, declare independence both from the country of Spain and France, and as a result many riots and violence happens in the major city of Bilbao between the Basques and Spanish. And in the Spanish province of Galicia, the Galicians demand that they be with the Portuguese due to being very related to them by genetics and culture and language, as a result violence breaks out in Vigo.

November: Panama and Costa Rica are liberated from the Spanish thanks to Colombia's help.

In Europe the Italians invade annex Corsica from France and also retake the islands of Sicily and Sardinia back from Spain, while Britain then launches and successful invasion into Normandy of France, where American, Canadian, Brazilian and British troops invade the shores of France where they then go on to liberate Belgium and Netherlands from France and Germany. Bretons then support the Allies in their invasion of France. France is now screwed.

Meanwhile in Portugal, the Spanish forces are pushed out of Portugal and then supports the Galicians, Basques and Catalans in their fight against Spain. Portuguese then manage to invade Spanish colony of Western Sahara from Spain successfully from them along with invading parts of French Northwest Africa as well. Portugal then launches an invasion into the rest of Spain, where they occupy the city of Madrid and Seville from the Spanish. The Spanish on the other hand refuse to surrender.

In North America the Americans drop the atomic bomb onto the Spanish colony of Cuba, killing many people in the city of Havana. Spanish then finally surrender and Mexico annexes all of the Spanish colony of Central America. In Canada, the Betrayal of Quebec comes to a end by the French forces finally surrendering to the Canadians.

In the US, the American forces then finally get rid of the Spanish and French forces in the South of the US.


August: Republic of China invades and liberates the Japanese controlled colony of of Korea. The Americans successfully test their atomic bomb in New Mexico and then will give some to the Chinese where they and Americans will drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

In Europe, Hitler is put on his trial for his war crimes against humanity. Polish government questions him many questions into why he invaded Poland, why he killed millions of innocent people in the Holocaust. All he says is that he wanted to create a race of masters of white people to rule the world without Jews. After his trial the Polish government tells Hitler that most of Germany has been either annexed into Poland, along with Berlin. Republic of Rhineland will be a country as well so will Bavaria. Polish government tells Hitler, that "Germany has gotten it punishment, you have pushed us around many times in our history and as a result your country will no longer be called "Germany".". Hitler then griefs his own loss of his country and the Polish government then executes him publicly by hanging.

Austria is liberated from Italy and Yugoslavia.

Spain shrinks into a smaller country than it formerly used to be, Catalonia become the new recognized country of Catalonia-Occiticia with it new capital of Barcelona and Basque Country is now referred to as Basqueland with Bilbao as it's capital city. Portugal annexes Galicia for reason of that the Galicians are very related to the Portuguese and are finally reunited with them after many centuries. Portugal takes the Spanish colony of Western Sahara as now a new Portuguese colony in Africa.

In France, she has suffered her own fate of her country. France loses Brittany and is thus allied with the UK and US, the Bretons no longer have to deal with the French problems anymore now that they are a independent country free from France at last. Occiticia merges with Catalonia and becomes Catalonia-Occiticia. Italy annexes Corsica while Normandy is annexed to Britain. France also looses her colonies in Africa to the British.

September - China and the US drop their atomic bombs on Japan. The Chinese drop two of their atomic bombs onto the Japanese cities of Aomori, and Sapparo, while the Americans drop their atomic bomb onto the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Japan surrenders the next day thus finally ending World War II.


The Chinese Civil War comes to a end and the Nationalists win and found the Republic of China. United States and China become great allies and major trading partners together now after helping each other in World War II against Japan.

Paraguay is annexes the former Spanish colony of Peru, and Paraguay is now no longer a landlocked country in South America.

Colombia annexes Ecuador and Venezuela reforming Gran Colombia.

Mexico annexes Central America (expect for Costa Rica and Panama) making them all become new states of Mexico.

US annexes Cuba and Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico as new US states.

Israel is founded and recognized by the United Nations.