The Patriot Birds

Team statistics
Team Name The Patriot Birds
Aliases Patriot Birds, PB,
Leader Admiral John Miller (deceased)
Members Blue Hawk

American Eagle

Jade Falcon

Sky Witch

Status Disbanded
Alignment Good (Bad when the Skyway Patrol took over)
Headquarters Bird's nest (formerly)
Allies United States Air Force

Teen Titans

Enemies Red Vengeance
Affiliations United States of America
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


The Central Intelligence Agency created the Patriot Birds Program after the War on Terrorism, recruiting top pilots into this program in using advanced flight suits, and jet planes in order to protect the United States from enemies from around the world.


The Patriot Birds is created on June 6, 2004. The CIA decided that in order to protect the United States from other enemies around the world, they created a special team that'll do the tasks. They staged Admiral John Miller's retirement in order for him to take the offer and run the team.

By mid-2012, The Patriot Birds are under new mangement of the Skyway Patrol. During this, Blue Hawk and the others found out about the Skyway Patrol's true orgins and plot to control the earth under Hitler's legacy of the New World Order. However it failed, the Skyway Patrol is exposed and collapsed, along with the Partiot Birds. Former members found work for Anderson Tech Industries and become involved in various missions.


John Miller (leader, deceased)

Blue Hawk

American Eagle (deceased)

Jade Falcon

Sky Witch


The Patriot Birds is an modified aircraft carrier designed to house pilots, jet planes, and helicopters, it's known as the Bird's Nest. The body of the Bird's Nest is modified with four landing platforms wielded together from four aircraft carrier platforms, jet engines that keeps it hovering up in the air, titanium armor that can resist attacks, storms, and strong winds, the bridge is located in the middle and is also scrapped from an old aircraft carrier. The Bird's Nest's defense weapons are various gun turrets, missile launchers, EMP cannons, and Rail Guns, it also houses an energy shield and titanium shieldings for safe defense. Inside the Bird's Nest houses various jet planes and helicopters such as the A-10 Thunderbolt II jets, AC-130 planes, V-22 Osprey choppers, F-22 Raptor jets, F-15 Eagle jets, F-15E Strike Eagle jets, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III planes, B-1 Lancer jets, B-2 Spirit stealth jets, F-16 Falcon jets, Bell AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, Bell AH-1 SuperCobra attack helicopters, Bell AH-E1 attack helicopters, and much more. It also houses sleeping quarters for pilots and the Admiral.

The Bird's Nest was destroyed during the fight against the Skyway Patrol and afterwards, the remaining members new headquarters are Anderson Tech Industries in Tremorton, Kansas.


The Patriot Birds' theme is the 'Top Gun Anthem' thumb|110px|right|Top Gun Anthem