Vital statistics
Real Name Wallace B. Prestion
Aliases Stone, Beauregard Prestion,
Gender Male
Species White Human
Status Deceased
Alignment Anti-Hero Vigilante
Likes The Confederate States of America, White Pride,
Dislikes Runaway Slaves, African Americans, Mexicans or any non-whites opposing against the CSA, Rapists, Anti-Slavery, Republicans, Abolitionists,
Place of Origin New York City, NY
Residence unknown, but usually Jack's base
Relatives Jefferson Prestion (father, deceased*

Maryann Prestion (mother, deceased) Beauregard Jackson (foster father)

Allies none
Enemies Anti-Slavery extremists, Abolitionist extremists, Canadians, Teen Titans, John Brown Underground, NAACP
Affiliations The Confederate States of America
Powers & Abilities
Powers Superhuman Strength, Master Fighter, Master Marksman, Master Swordsman, Super Intelligence, Master Driver, Speed
Weaknesses PTSD
Equipment Various Firearms and Melee Weapons
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

"The penalty for Anti-Slavery is Death!!"
— Stonewallace




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Stonewallace's gunsEdit

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