Sky Witch
Vital statistics
Real Name Rachel Henderson
Aliases Sky Girl
Gender female
Species Human
Status alive
Alignment Good
Likes the open skies, fresh air, puppies, kittens,
Dislikes any enemy that hates kittens and puppies,
Place of Origin Albany, New York
Residence The Bird's Nest (formerly)

Anderson Tech Industries HQ

Relatives Frank Henderson (father)

Sandra Henderson (mother) Jade Henderson (sister)

Allies Blue Hawk,

American Eagle

Enemies Red, Vengeance,
Affiliations United States
Powers & Abilities
Powers Magic Spirit/Flight Suit
Weaknesses unknown
Equipment Small to Big Firearms
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Rachel has short brown hair and puppy ears over her head, she appears to be at the age of fourteen, but is actually a year older, she wears a sailor's shirt with dark blue hot pants. Her appearance make half of the Patriot Bird pilots unusually to the fact that she's younger than anyone else.


Rachel acts like any normal teenage girl, but when it comes to missions she acts like an ace pilot. After several successful missions, she holds her sergeant promotion. She likes small and furry animals which is why she has a puppy. She's a very exellent marksman with machine guns which she brags about sometimes, and she made an empression for the Admiral and the other birds.


Rachel Hendeson was born on August 1, 1994 in Albany, New York, she's the second daughter of Frank and Sandra Henderson. She is the one who inheritated her mother's magic powers but she also relies on the flight unit. When the War on Terrorism ended and the Patriot Bird program was created, her father enrolled her and her older sister Jade into the program.

Mid-2012, she fought against the Skyway Patrol and is nearly killed, but she is saved by her older sister Jade. In the aftermath of the Skyway Patrol/Patriot Bird's collapse, she now lives at the Anderson Tech Industries HQ in Tremorton, Kansas.

Powers & Abilities

Fighting skills: Rachel's fighting skills matches to fighting skills on The Patriot Birds.

Improved Flight Skills: Rachel's flight skills are superb when in the flight unit.

Magic Powers

Rachel possess magic powers passed down from her mother who was a secret member of the secret tribe which is unknown.

Flight: Rachel possess an ability to hover above the ground, but combined with her flight unit she can fly.

Durability: Rachel's magic powers also gives her the durability that protects her from High Altitudes so she can fly high without protective armor and breathing masks.

Flight Unit

Her Flight Unit for her legs is the unit that gives her the ability to fly.



Sky Witch's theme song would be 'Waves' by DJ Satomithumb|100px|right|DJ Satomi - Waves