Red Vengeance
Red Vengeance Flag

Team statistics
Team Name Red Vengeance
Aliases Red Soviets, Soviet Hammer
Leader Vlad Lenin II (deceased)
Members Red Phoenix (deceased)

Crimson Girl (deceased)

Red Star (formerly)

Status Disbanded
Alignment Evil
Headquarters Red Vengeance Base, Siberia (formerly)
Allies Brotherhood of Evil (formerly)
Enemies The United States of America

The Patriot Birds The Nazi Eagles

Affiliations The Soviet Union
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Red Vengeance was created after the fall of the Soviet Union, while half of the Soviets gave up and became citizens of Russia and others became mobsters in the United States. But half refused to compromise and they fled from the new Russian Government.


After the Soviet Union completely dissolved on December 25, 1991, most of the ex-soviet leaders fled from the new Russian Government into Northern Siberia and build a base there. Ten years later, the United States of America enter the War on Terrorism after 9/11, The Ex-Soviets start building weapons and robot and clone soldiers to support Al-Qaeda but never got a chance when the US won with the help of Superman. They secretly recruited Ex-KGB agents, Soviet soldiers and pilots into the organization, they called themselves Red Vengeance.


Vlad Lenin II (leader)

Red Phoenix

Crimson Girl


Red Vengeance base is located in Taymyr Peninsula in Northern Siberia where is completely isolated from Russia. The large base is built underground which houses a large factory that makes weapons, robot soldiers, tanks, fighter jets, jeeps, and gunships, a bio-facility that makes clone soldiers, training programs from fighting to operating vehicles, sleeping quarters, a large armory, a laboratory that makes chemicals and special weapons and armor, a supercomputer, and the leader's office.


Red Vengeance's theme is 'Soviet March' from 'Red Alert 3'thumb|100px|right|Soviet March