Nancy 364
Vital statistics
Real Name NXJ-364
Aliases Nancy
Gender Female
Species Technorganic Gynoid
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Girl Stuff, Weaponry, Battles, Seducing and Attacking her enemies, Techno and Electronic music,
Dislikes Magnets, Computer Hackers,EMP,violent people hurting others,
Place of Origin the Japanese Military Research Facilities
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Relatives none
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Terrorists, Communist Soldiers, Mafia,
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers Advanced Weapon System,
Weaknesses Electric Surges
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Nancy 364 is a technorganic female robot designed as a 17-year old teenage girl and at 5.4 feet tall. She has chrome/gray-platings all over her body, she had light blue electronic eyes with white tiny dots that resembles pupils. Her built-in nano-skin disguise has long blond fireproof-hair, plasmium peach skin, and blue eyes like her electronic eyes, and wears casual clothes that teenage girls wear. At night she wears her nightshorts and a sleeveless sleepshirt with a heart on the front, she also lets her hair drop down.


Nancy 364 was built on May 3, 2003 by the Japanese Military Research Facilities to create the first female fighting robot for the United States of America. She was released and given to the United States Government on May 23, she became the second successful female robot after she made several successful missions and kills. but one day one March 5, 2005, she starts suffering a glitch in her circuits, after a while she became self-aware and develops a human personality. Day by day she became more and more of a girl like her appearance.


Ever since the glitch in her system it gave her a personality. She became more like a human girl and became self-aware, she also enjoys seducing her enemies before attacking them.

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Durability: Nancy's body is made out of pure titanium steel with stainless chrome finishes to withstand almost anything and never rust. She's also waterproof, sandproof and mudproof.

Enhanced Strenght: Nancy's strenght is above any normal human being, perhaps somewhere in the lines of Starfire's strenght.

Nano-Skin: Her built-in Nano-Skin allows Nancy to disguise herself into a human girl to avoid giving herself away.

Advanced Weapon System: Nancy is armed to the teeth with weapons known to man, the ballistics weapons fires both bullets and plasma bursts, melee weapons are also made of titanium steel and plasma beams.

Flight System: Nancy is able to fly from areas to battlefields and can also attack from the air.

Repair System: Her nano-bot also repair damages she receives during the fights.


Repulsor Cannons: Nancy has repulsor cannons built in her forearms, lower legs, and chest.

Machine Guns: Nancy has machine guns in forms of Browning M1919's, built around her forearms, shoulders, and around her lower legs.

Gatling Gun: Different types of gatling gun and minigun models are mounted underneath Jenny's forearms, and over her shoulders.

Mini-Launchers: She has mini-launchers that fires rockets and missiles from her wrists, forearms, shoulders and chest.

Breast Weapons: Nancy's most favorite weapon, her breasts conceals machine guns, mini-guns, rocket launchers,  and repulsor cannons.

Seismic Cannons: Nancy conceals two seismic cannons in her hands which fires seismic charges, leaving destruction around the blast.

Melee Forearms: Nancy's forearms conceals various melee weapons from sword blades, chainsaw blades to clubs.



  • Her theme song  would be "Wonderland" by DJ Satomi.thumb|100px|right|Wonderland by DJ Satomi
  • Shw was named after Nancy Callahan from 'Sin City' I was watching the movie when I wrote this character
  • Her personality also based on an Nickelodean character Jenny (XJ9) Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot.