Misty (Earth-4)
Misty by icewolf762-d3gc40k
Vital statistics
Real Name The Illusive Mistery
Aliases Misty Roth, Mysterious Misty, Misty-Dear, Kung-Fool
Gender Female
Species Unknown, possibly alien
Status Alive
Alignment Anti-Hero
Likes Jenny, Clamstrips, fighting, sex, a good American Civil War documentary, The Titans(especially Raven and Jinx), Being paid for heroism, Gummi Worms
Dislikes The Krust Cousins, Jackhammer, people who hurt or insults her loved ones, Douche-Fags
Place of Origin Technicality Jump City, California
Residence Termorton, Kansas
Relatives Raven(Adopted Mother), Jinx(Adopted Father), Beast Boy(Uncle), Robin(Uncle), Starfire(Aunt), Cyborg(Uncle), Nightstar(Cousin),


Allies Teen Titans, Jenny
Enemies Krust Cousins, Jackhammer, The United States Rangers, the Cluster,
Affiliations Teen Titans, Jenny
Powers & Abilities
Powers flight, turning into mist, mind reading, regeneration, super strength
Weaknesses can be vulnerable in Mist form, anger issues
Equipment her two Katanas, unlimited supply of Shurikens
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}



She is a mercenary who is skilled in martial arts, has super-strength, can fly, turn into purple mist and control people's minds (hence her name). She enjoys meditating with incense and hanging out.


Not much is know about Misty before she was found by Raven during a scouting mission and taken under the wing of the Teen Titans.


Teen TitansEdit

Raven: Misty loves her as much as any child would love their half-demonic mother who could send them to another dimention if they disobeyed her. Misty has always respected her and is one of the few people she doesn't talk back to 80% percent of the time.

Jinx:Misty's Dad has alway's been like a father to her. While Misty got her drywit from Raven, Jinx is where she got her sense of Morality(or lack there of).

Robin/Nightwing: Respects her Uncle Dick, not enouch to not make fun of his former sense of fashion though. To her, the best thing about him is that she can call him a Dick without getting in trouble.

Starfire: Loves her Aunty Star and believes her to be the bestest babysitter ever. But is not above openly critizing her cooking.

Beast Boy: Misty believes that the only funny thing about uncle BB is his looks.

Cyborg: Likes Uncle Cy and his inventions. enjoyed taking the T-Car for some Highway Surfing without him knowing.

Nightstar: Mar'i and Misty tend to act more like bickering siblings then cousins.The voice of reason between thw two. Mar'i constently tries to get Misty out of trouble. despite this they do care for each other as Misty has threated Damian Wayne that "If you hurt Mary emotionly, I'll (Misty) hurt you physically"


Jenny: Misty's partner in crime fighting and Life. While there believes in Heroing clash(Jenny believes that heroes should help people in trouble because it's the right thing and that it's it's own reward while Misty believes that we should get paid for saving the little shits 24/7) she still loves her and will stop at nothing to make sure that anyone hurts/insults her will pay dearly.

Jackhammer: Misty friggin despises this guy. Believes him to be a sociopathic, hypocritical, Douche-Fag who he and his group have as much right to call themselves Americans as a bunch of people who kill 25,840 adoptible pets have the right to call themselves an Animal Rights group.

Dudley Puppy:Has a love/hate relationship with him.


  1. The idea of Misty being Raven and Jinx's adoptive daughter came from page 21 of Bloody-gal's book Two Worlds & One Invasion. where it said that Misty was sort of a cross between Raven and Jinx.