Admiral John Miller
Vital statistics
Real Name John Miller
Aliases John, JM, Admiral Miller
Gender male
Species human
Status deceased
Alignment good
Likes running the Patriot Birds
Dislikes {{{dislikes}}}
Place of Origin {{{placeoforigin}}}
Residence The Bird's Nest
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Red Birds
Affiliations United States of America
Powers & Abilities
Powers none
Weaknesses old age
Equipment Pistol
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


John Miller is sixty-three year-old man, causacian and green eyes, he wears an Admiral's dress uniform and never one of the battle suits.


Since John Miller's an Admiral, his attitude is pretty much the same.


John Miller was born on August 3, 1946.


He's the only one who doesn't posses any powers.

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