Jade Falcon
Jade Falcon edited-2
Vital statistics
Real Name Jade Henderson
Aliases Jade, J-Girl, Green Girl,
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Jade, Kittens, Blue Hawk,
Dislikes {{{dislikes}}}
Place of Origin Albany, NY
Residence The Bird's Nest
Relatives Frank Henderson (father)

Sandra Henderson (mother) Rachel Henderson (little sister)

Allies Blue Hawk
Enemies Red Vengeance,

The Nazi Eagles

Affiliations United States,
Powers & Abilities
Powers the J.A.D.E.suit,
Weaknesses unknown
Equipment the J.A.D.E. suit's weapons
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Jade is an Nineteen-Year old girl, slim as Starfire, peach skin, shoulder-length green hair, green eyes. She wears sailor's shirt and skirt and the jumpsuit and wears her hair loose, pig tails or a pony tail, but when she wears the J.A.D.E. suit she either wears a special top and hot pants or nude covered with the suit's gel layer and she also wears her hair up when she puts on the helmet.

Jade Henderson without her armor


Jade has a brave-attitude and a fighting spirit, always loving to take on enemies and celebrate her victories, but she acts responsible on missions as she also holds her Lieutenant promotion. While not on missions, she's acts like any other girl, she also has a crush on Zack Johnston who is Blue Hawk.


Jade Henderson was born on May 23, 1989. She is the first daughter of Frank and Sandra Henderson, she's the only one who doesn't have any magic powers like her little sister Rachel. She's took plane lessons in her early childhood and after the War on Terrorism was over and the Patriot Birds program was created her father got her and Rachel into the program to become one of the youngest fighters in the program.

In Mid-2012, she fought against the Skyway Patrol along with the Patriot Birds who answer to them when the Skyway Patrol's true orgins are revealed along with their plans to take over the world. She, among the others, got new jobs in Anderson Tech Industries.

She begins a romantic relations with Benjamin Johnston.

Powers & Abilities

Fight Skills: Jade's fighting skills are above normal.

Improved Flight Skills: Jade's flying skills made her the best in the Patriot Birds.

J.A.D.E. suit

The Jadenium Altitude Durability Electron suit gives her the ability to fly in high altitudes.

Electron Generator: The suit's generator is an Electron made entire out of an EMP substance.

Armor: The armor is a mix of Titanium/Jadenium metals for high resistance.

CPU System: The suit's CPU system stretches beyond any CPU system (and matches Blue Hawk's CPU system).

J.A.D.E.'s weapon system

Plasma Guns: The suit's wields four plasma guns, two located in each gaunlet.

Energy Miniguns: The suit's also wields two energy miniguns, one located under each arm.

X343DGE9 Plasma Cannon: The suit wields a larger plasma cannon.


  • Now that's what I'm taking about!!!
  • BULLEYE!!!!!!!
  • Anyone want the last enemy fighter?
  • Is that all you got?


Her theme song is "Flying High" by DJ Splash.thumb|100px|right|Flying High

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