Iron Glory
Iron Star 1
Vital statistics
Real Name Thomas Anderson
Aliases The Patriot, Red, White and Blue streak
Gender Male
Species Human(American)
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Jenny Wakeman (Girlfriend, later Wife), US Patriotism, Action Movies, Video Games, US History, Alternate/Future History, celebrating US holidays.
Dislikes Anti-Americans, Racists, Far Left/Right people, Corrupt US Government Officials/Corporates,
Place of Origin Bloomington, IN
Residence Tremorton, KS
Relatives John Anderson (father)

Jessica Anderson (mother, deceased)

Allies Jenny Wakeman, Teen Titans, Superman, Batman, Blue Hawk
Enemies Anti-Americans, The Cluster, Corruption in the US Government, The United States Rangers,
Affiliations The United States of America, Iron Man, Iron Patriot
Powers & Abilities
Powers Iron Star suit, karate and boxing skills, marksmen
Weaknesses none
Equipment Iron Glory suit
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"Just saved the day in Tremorton."
— Iron Star


Thomas Anderson is in his early-twenties with short brown hair and moccasin skin, blue/green eyes and well fit. He took training in boxing and karate before becoming a superhero and taking the title 'Iron Glory'.


He's somewhat cocky and kind.


He was born on November 5th, 1992 in Bloomington, Indiana. He was fascinated with the comic book character Iron Man as well as the actual superhero in Metropolis, Superman. On June 21st, 2003: He and his family took a trip to Metropolis and he was saved by Superman himself.

During the years, Thomas has improved his scientific skills and knowledge as well as Boxing and Karate.

April 3rd, 2009: He and his father moved to Tremorton, Kansas after getting a new job and where he met Jenny for the first time and developed a crush for her. After repelling the Space Biker Gang at the Sadie Hawkens dance they both became a couple and Thomas started making armor suits for his superhero missions.

June 2012: He, along with Jenny, became fugatives of the Skyway Patrol when they gain seat of the government branch for homeland security. During the run, they discovered the Skyway Patrol was orginially planned in 1936 in Berlin, Germany as Patrouillen des Himmels (Patrolmen of the Sky) with the purpose of enforcing Hitler's new world order if the Axis won the war and managed to rooted itself into the west and became powerful. He and Jenny are ambushed and Jenny is taken to the Skyway Patrol HQ. The United States Rangers, led by Jackhammer, decided to aid him after finding out that the Skyway Patrol (along with LexCorps) were involved of allowing the 9/11 attacks take place.

They (along with the Teen Titans) managed to raid the HQ and Thomas finds Jenny, but the reunion are cut short when one of the commanders, Miles Pierce sets a trap that subdued both of them. Thomas suffers an injury and Jenny was hoisted up on chains by her wrists. Pierce uses this opportunity on Jenny, rips her top completely off and proceeds to sexually assault her in front of him. He managed to overcome his pain, takes the adrenaline shot Jack gave him and killed every single Skyway Patrolmen that came in to stop him before killing Pierce himself in a gruesome death. He was shaken by the experience of what he did, but overcame it and rescues Jenny.

He, along with allies, brought down the Skyway Patrol after exposing it to the public along with the Obama government.

He proposed to Jenny later that year and wedded the next year. He also founded Anderson Tech Industries to aid the world with his technology and later parallel worlds.

Powers & Abilities

Master Fighting Skills: Thomas Anderson was very skilled at both Boxing and Karate, which made him very useful as Iron Glory.

Marksman: He proved to be a very good shot when it comes to firearms or palm blasts with the 'Iron Glory' suits.

Master Intelligence: He is known for his great knowledge from creating gadgets to custom vehicles to the 'Iron Star' armor suits. He also gives Jenny Wakeman upgrades to maker herself look human.

Iron Star suits

The 'Iron Glory' suits are the real version of the Iron Man comic book counterparts

Iron Star

The First 'Iron Glory' suit.

Iron Star 2

The second 'Iron Glory' suit.



Jenny 'XJ9' Wakeman: Thomas met Jenny on the first day of school, for a while they became boyfriend and girlfriend after the School Dance and fending off against the Space Biker Gang. In late-2012 he proposed to her to marry him, she accepted and wedded the following year.

Brad Carbunkle:

Sheldon Lee:









Iron Glory is the younger version of Iron Man and Iron Patriot both put together.