My OC Fallon(Falcon Fallen)


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Falcon, or sometimes Falcon Fallon

Hair color

Eye Color

orange, rusty orange

Red-Brown (auburn)


very fair, easily gets sunburned.




93 ib.s (she's not anorexic, it's just the way her body is!)


often hard to pinpoint, she's such a strange person. Often people wonder if she's alright in the head. she's very happy, but devious and a little creepy. She gets angry for very weird reasons (example, some kid robs her favorite cafe and she's hardly upset at all, but when the kid knocks her hat off her head she tries to kill him) and is very possessive.


Fallon's been on her own since childhood. She claims to have no recollection of her past, but those who care about her know better. As a child, Fallon began eating regularly at a cafe called VV's Cafe, because the food there was good but cheap and she had only the money she had "found" on the street. As Fallon began visiting the Cafe more and more, it became more like a home to her, though she'd never admit it. She never likes to admit any attachment to anything or anyone out loud. She does have an attachment to the cafe, though, and to the people who work there, particularly the owner, Vincent Valentino whom she refers to as Old Man Vinny, or just Vinny. Vinny is an older man, likely in his late 40s or early 50s

Her Past

Her past: Fallon, secretly afraid of being rejected by the few people she cares about, does not talk about her past. If at all possible, she avoids thinking about it too. Fallon has an incredible memory, so incredible Vinny considers it a power. Fallon doesn't saying, "If I can't use it in a fight, It's garbage." because of this, though, she remembers when she came to Earth, at only 2 years old. Fallon came from a planet called Taiyuu, located in a distant galaxy called Gingakei. Taiyans All have the ability to fly and use 'Sunshine bolts', though teleportation abilities are rare. The planet was a warm place, filled with much emotion. This changed sometime around Fallon's birth, and so she was raised in times of war. Because of this, Fallon did not know her planet had once been a wonderful place, and instead grew to despise it. In war times, Taiyuu went into Sensou, a state of lock-down and military alert. Fallon, along with all other children, was forcibly taken from her parents, and placed into the local Zou'toku,or shelter. These shelters are where the children where raised to fight in the war, even infants. The extreme speed of Taiyuu's planetary rotation has a strange affect on the inhabitants, causing high-speed aging. This, unfortunately, is the cause of would be considered an extremely short life-span on Earth. This high-speed rotation, though, is why, when exposed to Earth's rotation, Fallon seemingly ceased to age, and Vinny suspects she will live to be at least 150, if not older. He feels sad for her, and is afraid she will grow lonely and loathe herself when the end of her life comes. Though she expected Earth's strange rotation should have killed her instantly from her body rejecting the sudden change in pressure, Fallon is left with the mystery of how she survived. Fallon is roughly 14 in Earth years, this was considered "middle-aged" on Taiyuu. Upon research Fallon found that the language and customs on her planet where not similar to English, but in fact more to Japan. Fallon chose to ignore this, and grew up in America instead, learning English. Fallon has a very distinct, very sharp sounding accent, slightly resembling that of Japanese people. People find this a strange combination with her very obvious American-European appearance. Fallon was hand-picked by the monarchy ruler of Taiyuu, and send to earth as a mere child, for a mission Fallon didn't even know of. It's bothered her ever since, and she often loses sleep wondering if she has some kind of chip, transmitter, anything that'll send them information. She's secretly afraid of her own race, and would rather die in agony than lead them to the planet she really considers her home, Earth. On Taiyuu Fallon's name was actually Heiyahbu'sa which translated to Hayabusa in japanese, which was Falcon in English. She searched for a, English name that sounded similar (Fallon) and took to it immediately, liking the way it sounded, and that's simply how her name became Fallon.


Besides having a unique fighting style she was taught in the Zou'toku called Toushi, She can Fly (without wings), has a a miraculous memory, She can shoot blast of her own internal energy, which she refers to as "Blasts of Sunshine" because they are yellow. She like to tease people by doing the gun hand (you know, where you make your hand look a gun and say 'bang'?) and then actually shooting a Sunshine bolt from her index finger. She pretends she can walk on water just to mess with people, when really she just flies really low and pretends she is walking. Fallon can engulf her entire body in this energy, or Sunshine, and teleport. This takes a lot of concentration (or sometime irritation, in Fallon's case). Vinny suspects part of the reason Fallon always tries to keep her emotions light and happy is because of the effects her emotions have on her powers. When she gets too nervous her Sunshine bolts tend to short out, making it difficult to aim them.

My OC Fallon. Fallon is not a hero, but not a villain either. she does whatever she feels like, which often gets her into trouble. All in all though, she tends to be a neutral charcter, with a unique and strange personality.

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