Crimson Girl
Code geass kallen
Vital statistics
Real Name Natalia Lenin
Aliases Red Girl,
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Deceased
Alignment Bad
Likes USSR,
Dislikes The United States of America
Place of Origin Moscow, Russia
Residence Red Vengeance Base
Relatives unknown
Allies Red Phoenix
Enemies The Patriot Birds
Affiliations The Soviet Union
Powers & Abilities
Powers the Nuclear Powered Flight Suit
Weaknesses EMP
Equipment the Suit's weapon system
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Nataliea Lenin is an sixteen-year old Russian girl, her hair is chin-length and crimson red, her eyes are blue like the sky. She wears a red two-pieces jumpsuit along with her combat flight suit.


Her attitude is based on the culture of Russia and the Former Soviet Union, she has a hatred toward the United States Government just like Red Vengeance.


Powers & Abilities



Her theme song would be

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